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of Wagram

Talking organic and Roter Veltliner

Welcome at Mehofer’s

Our family has lived and worked in the Wagram wine region of Austria for 10 generations, over 300 years. Today, we focus on traditional varieties such as Grüner and Roter Veltliner and love our single vineyard Wadenthal, a unique site characterised by deep layers of Loess and great biodiversity. Since 1992 all wines have been certified organic – a philosophy that influences not only our lives but also generations to come.

That’s us, the Mehofer family and our team: We are enologists, winemakers, biologists, sales woMen, homekeepers, distillers, tasters, globetrotters, chefs, gardeners, beekeepers…. our tasks are just as diverse as our characters. All, for more than 300 years. Get to know us!

Favourite variety Roter Veltliner | Favourite place Wadenthal But deep layers of Löss soil provide the perfect base for a lot more: Grüner Veltliner or Zweigelt; Elderflower and a wide range of fruit- and oaktrees.

We think generations. Light weight bottles, on site energy and heat production, PIWI-varieties, honey, fruit trees – because we want our grandchildren to be proud of us.

Welcome at Neudeggerhof. We not only live and work at our estate we also invite you to come and visit. Stay in our guest rooms, take a stroll, ride your bicycles and taste delicious Wagram wines!

Cellardoor 2023

Our opening hours are Mo-Fr 8am to 1pm. In addition, we invite guests to visit one Saturday each month. Taste our wines, relax, take a stroll through the vineyards and simply have a good time. Because it’s the weekend…

4 February, 4 March, 1 April, 6 May, 3 June, 1 July,
5 August, 2 September,
7 Ocotber, 4 November,
2 December

Roter Veltliner

Do you have a favourite grape?

Roter Veltliner is one of the oldest Austrian white wine varieties! In the vineyards you will recognise Roter Veltliner by its vigorousity, its small, pink-ish berries and its quite tight bunches. The vine loves mineralic Löss soils and fine gravels with good drainage, as seen in our favourite vineyard Wadenthal. Courious?! Come and taste for yourself! Curious?! Come read more andtaste for yourself!


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