The Family,
the Team
The Family
the Team

around 1709
& Barbara

around 1740
Kristian &
Eva Rosina

around 1770
Lorenz &
Anna Maria

around 1810
Johann Georg
& Theresia

around 1850
Lorenz &
Maria Anna

around 1890
Karl &

around 1930
Heinrich &

around 1970
Karl &

around 2000
Karl &

around 2020
Stephan &

Our family has lived and worked in the Wagram wine region of Austria for 10 generations, over 300 years.

The winemaking family Stephan, Katharina, Simon and Sophie is joined by a lot of people who all contribute to the winery’s success. There is our dad Karl who together with our mum introduced organic agriculture more than 30 years ago. Eva supports wherever possible, Judith consults in communication and export matters and our helping hands Krystof, Michal, Kamila and Mariusz are mostly out and about in the vineyards but also support in the cellar.

Stephan Mehofer
Kathi Mehofer
Simon Mehofer
Sophie Mehofer
Krzysztof Rogulski
Eva Mehofer
Mariusz Smołkowicz
Judith Mehofer
Michał Mazgaj
Karl Mehofer
Kamila Misiek


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